For Voluntary Benefit Providers

We offer two platforms for your products and services: Voluntary Benefits and Employee Shopping Discounts. Our platforms provide superior access to employees in an efficient, controlled manner.

Voluntary Benefits Solution

Our Voluntary Benefits solution incorporates both a billing solution for Payroll Deduction and administration, as well as a portal to enroll and communicate with employees of our clients. This program uses one billing slot on the employee’s paycheck, and handles payment and information distribution with our proprietary software.
Our system relieves the administrative burden on the client’s HR or payroll manager, often increasing enrollment in Voluntary Benefits through Payroll Deduction. For the employee, our solution offers an easy-to-use portal interface, access to several voluntary programs at discounted or group rates, and access to a reporting tool that provides details about their deductions. Some of the services currently featured on the platform include Auto & Home Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, Pet Insurance, Prepaid Legal Insurance, Vision and Dental Insurance, and even Computer Purchase Programs.
Any product or service that requires ongoing payments, whether it is a premium payment, membership fee, subscription fee, or recurring payment, may be offered on the Payroll Deduction platform.
We work with vendors of all sizes, including some of the world’s largest retailers and insurance carriers.

Key Benefits for Carriers and Vendors

  • Access – Gain access to a large pool of employees
  • Administration – Allow us to manage the complicated process of Payroll Deduction through our proprietary software
  • Mediation – We will work with clients to resolve any issues or potential issues that may arise, including contract negotiations, which helps remove the vendor from any possible adverse effects of negotiation
  • Communication – Our communications personnel will work with you to develop a compelling marketing campaign for the introduction and ongoing communication of your product or service to our members
  • Reduce Risk – Payroll deduction plans greatly reduce exposure to credit risk and bad debt
  • Eliminate Manual Entry – Both of our platforms help to reduce the costly burden of manual processing and data entry