Payroll Deduction

Are you looking to expand your Voluntary Benefits program?
Is Payroll Deduction administration time consuming and cumbersome?
Our solution simplifies Voluntary Benefits administration. See how Corestream’s customized solutions can help make benefits administration a pleasure. Contact us today!
Ask about our unique Voluntary Benefits platforms that include wellness programs and health club memberships, charitable donations, payroll financing programs, unemployment insurance and more.

Single Slot Billing Platform

Our Payroll Deduction solution is designed to help you:
  • Expand your benefits package to include more Voluntary Benefits products, such as Long-Term Care Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance,
    Accident Insurance, Home and Auto Insurance, Pet Insurance, Computer Purchase programs and more
  • Reduce the amount of time spent managing benefit vendors and their various needs
  • Streamline and simplify payroll deduction benefits administration
  • Improve morale by offering competitive voluntary benefits programs
  • Create customized solutions based on your employee’s needs

About the Platform

  • Payroll Slot Management – We manage a singular payroll slot to facilitate the billing of several payroll deduction benefits.
  • Streamlined Billing – We provide a single slot billing solution that allows you to offer an unlimited number of Payroll Deduction benefits while having premiums and monthly dues billed through one payroll slot rather than a separate payroll slot for each benefit.
  • Simplified Interface – We simply require one interface between your team and our staff. We then open up multiple interfaces on the back end for an unlimited number of vendors to plug into.
  • Managed Integration – We integrate with each benefit vendor on the platform, removing the need for the employer to have to do so.
  • Premium Reconciliation – We accept a lump sum dollar amount that includes all payroll deductions for all employees, and then distributes the monies to the benefit vendors featured on the platform according to participation.
  • Increased Scalability – Employers can now add as many benefits as needed without being held hostage by payroll or technology constraints. Our billing solution is incredibly scalable and is able to support an infinite number of benefits and products.
  • Reporting – Employers and vendors now have easy access to real time reporting for employee deductions, eligibility, file processing, schedules, premium reconciliation, participation and more!