For Employees

Key Benefits

  • Access specially negotiated rates and plan designs
  • Discover great deals
  • Manage benefits with our convenient portal
  • Refer merchants for a more personalized platform
  • Enjoy a hassle-free, no pressure experience

Payroll Deduction Solution for Voluntary Benefits

Our Payroll Deduction Solution allows you to take advantage of as many benefits as you like, and pay for them straight out of your paycheck. We provide employees access to specially discounted rates, as well as an online interface where you can easily enroll in programs and view your transaction history. Some of the services currently featured on the platform include Auto and Home Insurance, Long-Term Care Insurance, Pet Insurance, Prepaid Legal Insurance and Vision and Dental insurance, in addition to exciting Computer Purchase Programs.
With our program, you never need to worry about making payments on time – we do it for you. If your company does not offer our program, call or send us an email and we'll take it from there.

Employee Shopping Portal

Our PowerShopping platform is an employee discount program that allows you to take advantage of discounts from a constantly growing network of participating vendors, including restaurants, stores and clubs.

New Auto Insurance Quote Comparison App

Try our new quoting application, and see how your current auto insurance rates stack up against ours! There are three main insurance carriers that offer special group discounts to employees: Liberty Mutual, Traveler’s and MetLife. Through the Corestream portal, you can access and generate a real time quote from all three carriers in 30-45 seconds.
In order to access our solutions, your employer must subscribe with Corestream. If your employer does not offer our program, talk to your HR representative about us.
We offer employees a number of solutions to make purchases and monthly premiums more affordable. We find innovative ways to offer products and services to employees at a lower cost, whether it’s an HD TV or Long-Term Care Insurance. As a result, we give employees an opportunity to enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle.